Functional Life Spa is a spin-off company founded by biochemists in view of the need of giving scientific evidence of the food and its impact in human health.

In Chile there is a lack of specialized services that determine in a scientific way the bioactivity of food and if it is functional for human or animal consumption, Market that grows twice in Chile tan in developed countries. The lack of evaluation and certification affects the healthy food development narrowing the possibility of giving added value to food with potential benefit to health.

We are a company formed by scientists, looking for help to the food industry to support them in the evaluation and validation of its food, allowing stating its healthy properties, spreading them, giving added value to their products. In this way we seek to contribute from the scientific rigor to the wellness and health of people.

We assist the development of products through the construction of essential knowledge in the field of gastrointestinal transit, bioavailability, metabolism, immune modulation and the effectiveness of food compounds, functional and bioactive ingredients, in relation to its effect and function in health.

We assess and validate ingredients and functional food for its application in the agro-food industry.

We provide scientific evidence to the statements of functionality of food and the effect for health statements.