We are a platform of evaluation, validation and certification of functional foods and bioactive compounds

This was born because of the necessity of giving scientific evidence and back up the bioactive effects of the food to the food-processing industry with a final impact on health of the potential customers, in Chile was considered as a strategic national axis among the healthy food program, where we want to locate us in the gap between industry and the scientific valuation of its products.

Be a leading company in evaluation, validation and certification of functional foods with direct impact on health, connecting the scientific advances with the development of the food processing industry in Chile and Latin America

Assist to big and small companies in the bioactive properties of food products of national consumption and exportation.

Provide our customers with scientific and certified validation adapting to the needs of each one, with the aim of provide the tools to give an extra value to their products.

Grant the final consumer scientific and proven information of the properties, giving the power of decision.

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